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Are you seeking comprehensive support to help your students achieve their ambitions of studying medicine in the UK? We are a passionate not-for-profit group dedicated to promoting social mobility, and we think we may be able to help.

Free medical school application advice.

We offer FREE assistance to schools, supporting disadvantaged pupils with their application to UK medical schools. Contact us today to discuss how AIMS.Guide can provide tailored assistance to your school and empower your staff and students with knowledge and support.

“Robbie gave a talk on the different specialisms and career routes available to medical students once they qualify. He busted some of the myths about the types of people who apply for medicine. He shared advice on how the university application process works and gave tips on what to expect when preparing for an interview.” (Read article)
Seaton Valley Federation

Relatable medical student and doctor role-models.

At AIMS.Guide, we understand the unique challenges faced by disadvantaged students and the need for targeted support. The team are passionate about helping students get into medical school, and many of us are from widening participation backgrounds ourselves. We’ve been through the application process ourselves (with great struggle!) – and we’re keen to simplify it.

Reece delivered a talk to our Year 7-10 students to highlight his route to medicine and to inspire our students to follow their dreams. Although delivered virtually, the students were able to ask questions and get first-hand information from a ‘real life’ medical student! We are looking forward to working with him more in the coming months, and hopefully, years.


In-person/remote workshops, talks, and mentoring.

We offer a range of personalised workshops, inspirational talks, group and one-on-one mentoring. All designed to equip your students with the skills and guidance they need to excel in their medical school applications. Our experienced mentors will work closely with your students, providing expert advice and support throughout the application process.

“Year 12 welcomed Joe Lai, a third-year medical student to discuss the journey to medical school and what support can be given to potential applicants.” (Read article)
St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School

Access powerful online tools anywhere, anytime.

In addition to our in-person assistance, we can also provide a wealth of online resources that students can access anytime and anywhere. From guidance for writing personal statements to interview preparation tips, our comprehensive materials cover every aspect of the application journey. AIMS.Guide want to demystify the complicated application process whilst helping your students have the tools they

I just wanted to thank you for your continuous support – [it] literally got me into medical school. So thank you!

Manav K. (Medical Student – 2023)

Finding them was a lifesaver! I can’t have asked for better mentors to help me on this journey. During my first chat with them, I asked them question after question, surprising myself at how comfortable I was engaging with them. I had a boost of confidence and realised that Medicine is do-able.

Any barriers that perhaps blocked any of these ambitions vanished from the minute I received their valuable advice. I urge anyone looking for help with their medical school application to get involved with their 1:1 mentoring scheme. I have tried to get involved with most medical organisations AIMS.Guide comes out the best by miles due to their honest devotion to ensure students reach their full potential.

Not only that, but I am so passionate about what they stand for that I will forever be advising applying medical students to get involved with them. Some medical organisations won’t even utilise the criteria that apply to most of us. Why? So they can fund a few places and say they have an ‘incredible’ widening participation programme. AIMS.Guide accepts a wide variety of widening participation criteria. By putting the aspiring medical student first, AIMS.Guide is committed to ensuring that everyone has a fair shot at Medicine, no matter what your circumstances are.

Wahhab A. (Student – 2021)

Ready to discuss how AIMS.Guide can help your school?

Help us support social mobility. Contact AIMS.Guide today and let us discuss how we can provide assistance to your school. Together, we can empower your students and highlight pathways to success in the medical field.

We are your community for widening participation in medicine.

    Disclaimer: Whilst we are committed to helping your students unlock their potential, it’s important to note that we cannot guarantee acceptance into medical school. There are many factors at play. However, we believe that with our support, your students will be better equipped to navigate the competitive landscape and increase their chances of success.