25/06/2023: Revealing the AIMS.Guide Collector

We here at AIMS.Guide are dedicated to supporting your dream of getting into medical school. Here, we unveil an incredible milestone that we’ve been working towards, and we’re sure it will transform your application journey.

AIMS.Guide are the very first organisation in the UK to meticulously track the entry requirements of all UK medical schools to such an unprecedented level of detail. How did we accomplish this feat? Our exceptional team have developed a unique way to record admission policy data. We continue to optimise the method, with accuracy and comprehensiveness at the forefront.

But here’s why it’s so important: we’ve harnessed this comprehensive data to power the next release of our innovative “calculator” tool. The tool is already specifically designed to assist students in identifying which universities are likely to accept them. However, the updated version will be inclusive of more students, such as those applying from Scotland. It will be freely accessible on our platform, empowering all medical school applicants to make informed decisions and plan their medical school applications more effectively.

At AIMS.Guide, we believe in equal opportunities and strive to improve social mobility. By providing this interactive and accessible data, we aim to level the playing field for all aspiring medical students, irrespective of their background or circumstances.

To help you understand the meticulous process behind our data collection and the power of the “calculator” tool, we have created the informative video (above). This video is not only our first, but we hope it demonstrates our commitment to transparency and accessibility. AIMS.Guide is dedicated to supporting you throughout your medical school journey, ensuring you have the tools you need to succeed.


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