Medicine 101 Guide Description:

A collection of articles that walk you through every step of applying to medical school.
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Chapters of Medicine 101 Guide:

Medicine 101 Guide

Choosing the Right Medical School 5

Choosing the right medical school for you can be tough! Here we give you the information you need to choose your medical school.

Medicine 101 Guide

Entry Requirements and Admissions Tests 7

This section is focussed on helping you navigate your way through the mine field that is entry requirements and how to excel in admissions tests!

Medicine 101 Guide

Interviews 1

Learn how to excel in your medical school interviews.

Medicine 101 Guide

Medical Ethics 1

Medicine 101 Guide

Personal Statements 1

Personal statements help to show medical schools how your experiences will make you a good medical student. Let us show you how to do this!

Medicine 101 Guide

The Application Process 2

This section will give you insight into the full application process.

Medicine 101 Guide

Work Experience and Volunteering 1

Work experience and volunteering are important for gaining insight into medicine and caring but can be tough to get. Here, we will show you how you can get placements as well as get the most out of these opportunities.

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